Camp Ridger

Our spices are simple blends designed to "enhance the flavor, not bury it."

All blends are salt-free so they can be enjoyed by everyone. 

Camp Ridger (Stacey's) steak seasoning is a blend of brown sugar, chili powder, black pepper, turmeric, and garlic powder.  As the name suggests, it was designed for steaks and other red meats.  (Minor clumping can be expected due to the nature of brown sugar, but it is easily broken up. See bottom of page.)

Camp Ridger Sweet Sarah seasoning is a blend of smoked paprika, sugar, lemon pepper, onion and garlic powders.  Designed for chicken, it can also be used on other white meats, and dishes such as baked beans.  Sweet with a touch of zest.  

Camp Ridger Peppery Paige seasoning is a blend of lemon pepper, garlic powder, smoked paprika, ginger, and dill.  Seafood is where this seasoning stands out.  However, it's great on eggs and most vegetables.  The lemon pepper rules, but it's not overbearing.

Camp Ridger Cautious Carmen seasoning is a blend designed to replace the usual seasonings in chili, or any other food you want spiced up.  The kick starts out slow but builds the more you eat, so don't be fooled by the first few bites.

All four spices come in 1-cup containers and are priced at $7.04 per container.  Shipping runs $10.95 throughout most of the continental United States and ships 2-day Priority mail.  Orders over 5 containers may incur higher shipping costs.  (Stores purchasing for resale are eligible for a 20% discount per container with submission of sales tax ID, shipping excluded.)

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***  NOTE:  To break up the Steak Seasoning (or any product with brown sugar), microwave for 15-20 seconds and loosen with fork.  Repeat as often as necessary.  ***